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The Jet d'eau, Geneva's landmark

See the harbour's star attraction!

The magnificent water jet is 140 metres high, with 500 litres of water passing through it per second at a speed of 200 km per hour! Used initially for distributing the Rhône's propelling force to the city's craftspeople, it became the Jet d'Eau when the workshops required an additional flow. Since 1891 it has graced the centre of Geneva's harbour, and is the must-see tourist attraction!

Just nearby the hotel

The old town and its treasures

The old town tells a thousand stories

The Vieille-Ville is the largest historic town in Switzerland, and is dominated by St. Pierre Cathedral, the symbolic location of the Reformation. Climb the 157 steps to the top of the tower for a unique panorama of the city. Then take a stroll in the charming surrounding alleys and passageways, each telling its own story about Geneva's history.

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The birthplace of fine watchmaking

Geneva is full of sparkle!

The streets of Geneva reflect its international reputation for world-class luxury watchmaking. Even the famous Jet d'Eau originates from the city's watchmaking heritage! Experience Geneva's remarkable watchmaking museums, workshops, prestigious events and luxury boutiques for a truly unforgettable experience.

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The reformation wall

The reformation wall keeps watch over the parc des Bations

The massive wall pays homage to the 16th-century Calvinist Reformation and those who followed. The central four figures represent 15-foot likenesses of Geneva's Reformation leaders: William Farel, John Calvin, Théodor de Bèze and John Knox. Smaller figures include Roger Williams, leader of the Puritans in America, Oliver Cromwell of Great Britain, and William of Orange of the Netherlands. At the top of the monument the words "Post Tenebras Lux," are Latin for "After the darkness, light."

Symbol of Geneva

The Palais des Nations

An air of peace and the winds of freedom

Built between 1929 and 1936 and located at the heart of the Parc de l'Ariana, the Palais des Nations houses the European headquarters of the United Nations, and is the largest UN centre after New York. More than 25,000 delegates pass through the centre each year, and many works of art are on display there. Furthermore, the Palais opens its doors daily and provides fascinating guided tours!

Around Geneva

CERN, world accelerator of science

Research, knowledge and innovation

The Globe of Science and Innovation, representing the Earth, embodies CERN's message to society in the fields of science, particle physics, cutting edge technologies and applications. Measuring 27 metres high and 40 metres across, the Globe is an unprecedented visual landmark both day and night. The 'Universe of Particles' exhibition on the ground floor takes visitors on an immersive journey into the world of particles, up to the Big Bang.

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Four world exclusive museums

An extraordinary destiny

The Internation Red Cross and Red Croissant museum, the internation museum of the Reformation, the Patek Philippe museum and the Foundation Martin Bodmer's library-museum are four striking  and unrivalled stops enabling you to decrypt Geneva's DNA.

Around Geneva

Carouge and its bohemian atmosphere

Geneva's 'dolce vita'

Just a stone's throw from the city centre, Carouge is the Greenwich Village of Geneva. Its architecture is reminiscent of its Sardinian roots and will transport you to Southern Europe. While away many pleasant hours perusing the shops, shady terraces, crafts and antique dealers in Carouge's alleys and passageways. When night falls, experience the area's unique ambiance thanks to its many trendy bars that are known all over the city.

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Bains district

Full to the brim of culture and nightlife!

As home to MAMCO, the Centre d'Art Contemporain and numerous galleries hosting the best exhibitions, the Quartier des Bains is the European platform of modern art. Its hip bistrots and bars add to its buzzing nightlife. Don't miss: 'La nuit des bains', communal openings held three times a year.

In the mountain

A getaway to Mont Saleve

A haven of tranquillity with breathtaking scenery.

No, it isn't a dream! Within just a few bus stops of the city centre and 5 minutes in a cable car, you will be on top of a mountain! You will be treated to a magnificent view of Geneva and its surroundings. If you love sports then this is the place for you, with a choice of hiking, paragliding, mountain biking and even cross-country skiing in the winter!